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TechCatalyst can rapidly REDUCE your Technology and Telecommunications cost base by 20-30% and improve your supplier services and contract conditions to deliver Guaranteed Financial Benefits for your business.

TechCatalyst is the new kid on the block – led by a team with an extensive industry experience in delivering large scale projects to realise significant cost optimisation. Our foundation was driven by a real gap in the market and a driving need for businesses to realise quick benefits.

Our engagement framework is different. Our optimisation strategies for your business are based on swift engagement and rapid results - fast in/ fast out. Our shared value model means there are no large upfront costs and our staggered engagement costs are aligned to your business transformation for a win/win.

Australian owned and operated - global experience meets local knowledge.

RAPID benefit realisation - Guaranteed.

Experienced Industry professionals - successfully collaborating with ASX top 100 companies.

Focus on Medium-Large Enterprise – Government & Industry, Health & Leisure, Financial Services.

Australia’s best Technical & Telecommunications Delivery and Optimisation team.

 A collaborative methodology produces maximum cost benefits.

Shared Value Model

We are here to disrupt the market with our Shared Value model.

Staggered engagement costs aligned to your business transformation with no large upfront costs.

Swift engagement and rapid results - focus on quick wins and fast delivery of sustainable change.

Access to Australia’s best tech resources at low rates - scale up and down swiftly.

No supplier affiliations - we work with leading service providers as a buy-side partner to achieve optimal expense management outcomes for you.

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Our Core


We always act with the utmost integrity

We are accountable for our actions

We are committed to making a difference

We believe in giving back

Our people are our greatest asset

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