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Collaborating at Work

What We Offer

Introduction to The FREE TechCatalyst's Healthcheck



Our team can rapidly investigate and reduce your Technology and Telecommunications cost base by 20-30% and improve your supplier services and contract conditions to deliver Guaranteed Financial Benefits for your business.


Our engagement framework is different. Our optimisation strategies for the client’s business is based on a Quick Engagement Methodology that produces rapid results.


TechCatalyst is led by a team with extensive industry experience in delivering large scale projects to realise significant cost optimisation. Our foundation was driven by a real gap in the market and a driving need for businesses to realise quick benefits.


Our Shared Value Model means there are no large upfront costs and our staggered engagement costs are aligned to your business transformation.

The Healthcheck

The engagement starts by conducting a comprehensive, at no cost or obligation, full due diligence IT/Business Assessment to identify and prioritise areas which can deliver the best ROI for your business. This includes :

1. Current technology and resource effectiveness,

2. Existing technology and telecommunications contracts and spend,

3. Your business resource and architecture effectiveness.

The clients will receive a complimentary report outlining the full opportunities, cost-benefits, and service improvements.

The Free Assessment is the Phase 1 in the total implementation program (below) and after the report is shared there is a "go/no go" decision required.

Our team, working closely with the client’s technology and procurement teams, perform a deep-dive review into the client’s Technology and Telecommunications set-ups to validate and prioritise opportunities for service improvement and cost saving. These opportunities will include rapidly deliverable short-term opportunities as well as significant, longer-term benefits.

 At the end of the joint investigation the clients will be presented with a comprehensive prioritised commercial and operational plan, highlighting rapid benefit opportunities in the areas of Governance, Execution and Organisational make-up, underpinned by a high-level business plan with Trackable Benefits.

Post Assessment

After the review and agreement of the conclusions of the IT/Business Assessment, the TechCatalyst and client team complete a full discovery and deep dive investigation with agreed KPI and implementation plans, including a genuine Shared Value Model leveraging the TechCatalyst’s experience to review the clients current resource, operations and technology interfaces and contracts. Targeted cost savings of minimum 3xROI optimise the client’s technology investment.

Our dedicated, Product-Agnostic Technical Delivery team works in partnership with your technical team - and your technology - to unlock value and maximise expense savings by developing and executing a programme focused on pure cost-optimisation.


The TechCatalyst agile delivery team have years of success in cost-optimisation and service improvement assessment and implementation plans. The team traditionally deliver an agreed program of work to drive immediate short-term and sustained long-term outcomes, and guarantee the rapid and effective delivery of identified initiatives to deliver a positive ROI for your business within six months.

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