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Ensures that through technology and business alignment you achieve maximum value and deliver the best service for the business.

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Cost optimisation is at the heart of what we do.

The benefits of cost optimisation come with technology/business alignment – ensuring that you achieve maximum value from your technology and telecommunications and deliver the best service for your business. Cost optimisation may result in a reduction of overall costs or could result in getting more or better service for your spend. Most importantly, cost optimisation is not about making rash tactical decisions to rip out services or replace products but rather first maximising the value of the arrangements that you currently have in place.

Cost Optimisation in Action: 

To optimize the value of your own Technology and Telecommunications we look at your:

  • Operating Model: Technology alignment to organisational strategy

  • Telecommunications: Fixed, mobile, data platforms

  • Infrastructure: Hardware, cloud, data centre

  • Software: Enterprise, collaborative & productive software licensing and utilisation optimisation

  • Network: Network enablement, Internet connectivity, security and governance

  • End-User: Workplace planning, device fulfillment, BYOD strategy

  • Architecture: Review current-state, develop & implement future-state

Focusing on cost preventing or eliminating:

  • Shadow IT: Duplication, overlapping functions, poorly defined roles, and responsibilities, mismanagement of outsource service providers

  • Outdated Contracts: Not Fit-for-purpose, automatic renewals, diminishing value

  • Invoice & Billing: Remove price gouging, inconsistent billing, utilisation confusion

  • Fragmented Buying: Supplier consolidation and management, understanding & gaining value from buying power

  • Duplication & Utilisation: Removal of unnecessary and duplicate services

  • Future-Proofing: Designing a cost and service optimised environment


Cost optimisation is one of the most overlooked and underestimated opportunities for value creation in your business.

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