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Full service efficiency review to ensure your technology is fully aligned to the current business strategy.


Technology contracts are a part of our world and they generally lock your business in to a set of services and products that may be only relevant for 3 years. Your business will move on and your strategy and technology needs will evolve, but businesses find themselves stuck in a rut or revolving contract terms. A service uplift and efficiency focus ensures that your services are aligned to the most current business strategy and are optimised for service and price.

  1. improving business productivity through improved quality of service - service uplift

  2. improving IT operational efficiency by managing service quality and reducing costs.


Many organisations think of improving service and improving productivity are opposing objectives.

  • Increasing productivity means doing more with less, which means reducing service levels

  • upgrading service means doing more than before, which could cause productivity to decline.

Improving service and productivity are symbiotic and are easy to accomplish when management understands what service really means.

Service is taking action to create value for someone else. With this definition, any action taken that does not create value for someone else is not productive.

Improving efficiency and improving service

Enhancing operational efficiency starts with process refinement. There are inhibiters to operational efficiency in a services business and these include repeated non-billable work, which could be reduced by increasing the automating of all repeatable administrative work

Before organisations try to improve operational efficiency, they need to measure it. This measurement begins with setting KPIs for each functional department and by linking a units output to their part of the  organisations goals and objectives.

In professional services organisations examples could include generating a higher bid-to-win ratio, increasing client references, increasing billable utilization, generating on-time project delivery, and project margin.

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