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SIAM delivers an optimised technology service experience for your business and a means of effectively managing multiple suppliers.


SIAM involves the development of an end to end framework through which:

  • you get maximum value from the integration and management of multiple suppliers - the outward-looking lens, and

  • we ensure that your business is getting maximum benefit and value out of your technology and suppliers – the inward-looking lens.

SIAM is a framework that, when implemented and executed expertly, creates an optimised technology service experience for your business and provides a means of managing multiple suppliers in an efficient and cost-effective way.

SIAM is your key to controlling service, costs and suppliers and will give you:


  • Insight – providing a clear view of how aligned your business is with technology, technology costs, technology resources and your suppliers.

  • Control – allows you to manage your technology to achieve maximum benefit for the business through change, adaptation and governance.

  • Optimise – Right-sizing your business technology to deliver maximum cost-effectiveness and benefit by aligning resources to key functions.

  • Create – collaborative business–technology–supplier processes, supplemented with smart tools to control cost outcomes.


Best practice has shown time and time again that an independent player should act as a service integrator as its too important to outsource to your incumbent suppliers. Our SIAM framework ensures that:

  • SIAM functions become your team’s day-to-day ‘norm’.

  • Functions are aligned to your needs - creating a concise view of what you do and what your suppliers do.

  • Everyone within your business knows their role within an integrated and agreed model - including your team, the wider business and your suppliers.

  • Suppliers will embrace working collaboratively as partners and work proactively to improve their service and drive efficiency.

  • Costs will be identified, managed and controlled.

  • Once implemented, the functions can flex as business grows or demands change, without the need for costly future transformations.

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