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Our Approach: About Us
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We adopt a bespoke approach for every customer – no two organisations are the same. Our proven methodology is focused on 3 key areas:

Rapid Benefit Realisation

We help you rapidly realise the value locked up in your own technology and telecommunications investments:
Week 1 - Assessment of opportunity at no cost to you.
Month 1 - Full discovery and initiative deep-dive.
Month 2 onwards - Agreed programme implementation - within months, not years.

Guaranteed Return

We have a genuine shared value model leveraging our experience to review your current resource, operations and technology interfaces and contracts. Targeted cost savings of minimum 3xROI optimise your technology investment.

Expertise Not ‘Product’

Our dedicated, product-agnostic tech delivery and enablement team works in partnership with your tech team - and your technology - to unlock value and maximise expense savings by developing and executing a programme focused on pure cost-optimisation.

Our Approach: Services

3 Stages of Engagement

Stage 01 - Review and Identification of Opportunity

At no cost or obligation to you we complete a full due diligence of your business to identify and prioritise areas which can deliver the best ROI for your business.

This includes your:

  • Current technology and resource effectiveness,

  • Existing technology and telecommunications contracts and spend, and

  • Your business resource and architecture effectiveness.


You will receive a complimentary report outlining your full opportunities, cost-benefits, and service improvements.

Stage 02 - Deep-dive and Detailed Initiative Outline

Working closely with your tech and procurement teams we will perform a deep-dive review into your Technology and Telecommunications set-ups to validate and prioritise opportunities for service improvement and cost saving. These opportunities will include rapidly deliverable short-term opportunities as well as significant, longer-term benefits.


To deliver this we will review all areas of opportunity including:

  • Your technology and business strategic alignment,

  • Your current IT architecture, current state strategic objectives and future requirements,

  • Your technology and telecommunications supplier contracts and spend focusing on contract limitations and opportunities for value realisation,

  • Your contract management capabilities,

  • Your operating model functional requirements, and

  • The maturity of your business enablement and project methodology.


We will present you with a comprehensive prioritised commercial and operational plan, highlighting rapid benefit opportunities in the areas of Governance, Execution and Organisational make-up, underpinned by a high-level business plan and trackable benefits realisation schedule.

Stage 03 - Programme Delivery and Benefit Realisation

The TechCatalyst agile delivery team are the best in Australia with years of success in cost-optimisation and service improvement.

We will deliver the agreed programme of works to drive immediate short-term and sustained long-term outcomes.

We guarantee the rapid and effective delivery of identified initiatives to deliver a positive ROI for your business by month 6.

Our shared value model is your guarantee of a successful outcome.

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